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Made here in Singapore, our Redman Sugar Syrup is a ready-to-use syrup for your beverages and desserts. Our syrup has the same sweetness as that of granulated sugar, and is a popular ingredient to the best cocktails and homemade beverages. A transparent white colour, this syrup adds that sugary kick you need for a more complete taste. This product is halal-certified.

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This sugar syrup is made from boiling sugar and water. Sugar is sometimes preferred in liquid form as it mixes evenly and completely, unlike solid sugar crystals that need to be evenly dissolved. Aside from drinks, sugar syrup is sometimes also used in sorbets, sponge cakes or candy fruits. The sugar syrup then adds that needed moisture in your product. This product should be stored in a cool place.

How to use

Sugar syrup can be easily added into your drinks as a sweetener. It should also be mixed into your product as instructed.

Suggested Recipes

Sugar syrup can be used for grapefruit sorbet or even local dishes such as gula melaka cake.


Our Redman pure honey is an alternative to this product.

Suitable For

This product is suitable for vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free recipes.

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