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Yearn for the health benefits of okra but not a fan of the slimy mouth-feel? Hey! Okra Chips come with a heavenly crisp that magically crumbles with every bite, making you want more every time. Its light savoury sensation is addictively delicious and refreshing! Hey! Okra Chips undergo low temperature dehydration where a small amount of rice bran oil is used. Unlike conventional fried or baked chips, Hey! Chips are processed at just 60-80ºC so that our chips can retain the original plants’ nutrients while giving the addictive crispy texture. Okras chips are a great low-carb snack, ideal for your slimming diets! However, for a veggie with a pretty nickname of being ‘lady’s finger’, okra is often avoided for being slimy. If the regularly-cooked okras put you off, be sure to try some of these crunchy lady’s fingers and we are sure you will fall in love with them instantly.


Okra (98%), Rice Bran Oil (1%), Salt (1%)

Country of Origin: Thailand