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Bob's Red Mill Yellow Popcorn is simply whole grain yellow corn and is gluten free and non-gmo. Pop it on the stovetop, in an air-popper, or in the microwave for an easy, delicious, wholesome high-fiber snack.


Our white popcorn makes tender white popcorn with a sweet, delicious flavor—you’ll never eat packaged microwave popcorn again. That’s because Bob's Red Mill Whole White Popcorn kernels are carefully selected from the very best crops of corn and dried to contain the perfect moisture content for optimum popping. When these premium kernels pop, they burst their hulls and transform into wonderfully fluffy blossoms of corn with a delightful crunch. It’s the popcorn movie theater popcorn aspires to be! Try it today, we believe you’ll replace your regular popcorn forever. Our gourmet popcorn kernels are a fun snack you can feel good about eating, with 100 calories and 8 grams of fiber per 2 cup serving. What little fat occurs naturally in popcorn is in the form of healthier monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Popcorn kernels contain no saturated or trans fats. While popcorn does contain carbohydrates, it can be enjoyed in moderation by those on a low-carb diet (be sure to check with your doctor first). You can pop these kernels with or without oil. For a low-fat option, use a hot air popper and flavor it with your favorite dried herbs and spices. Air-popped popcorn is naturally low in fat, but you can add a little butter to this tender popcorn as an extra-special treat. You can also pop it on the stove using your favorite oil. One of our favorites is coconut oil! Everyone loves good popcorn. Who can go to the movie theater without getting a bowl of popcorn? Bob's Red Mill popcorn kernels always pop up in beautiful, large pieces, both in the air popper and in the pan. You can even pop them in the microwave: just place about 1/3 cup of unpopped kernels in a brown paper bag and fold the top down. Microwave for about 1-3 minutes, depending on your model (it’s done when there’s a second or two between pops). Just be careful—you want to pop as many kernels as possible, but don’t burn them! Then pour into a bowl and top with melted butter or oil (like olive or canola oil) and your favorite seasonings (we like nutritional yeast on ours). Once these kernels pop their hulls, you can customize your popped popcorn however you like! Mix with nuts and seeds for extra fiber, or drizzle with melted white chocolate for a sweet treat.

Country of Origin: United States