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Nylon bristles are FDA approved and widely used in medical brushes, pharmaceutical brushes and food service brushes. Nylon - Conductive: A type 6.6nylon with an electrically conductive coating suffused onto the surface for antistatic bristle brush applications. Polyester: A polymer that replaces horsehair. Available in 4 sizes : 25mm, 35mm, 50mm & 60mm Country of Origin : Germany


Wash and Care instruction 1. Wash the brush directly after use. If you are too busy in the kitchen, at least soak it in warm water until you have the time to clean it properly. This process will prevent the liquid ingredients from hardening. 2. Run the brush under hot water and easily rub bristles with dishwashing detergent. Remove oils as quickly as possible as they can turn the brush rancid and will make the brush unfit for use. 3. Keep an eye on the base of your baking brush to ensure that no food or grease remains stuck in between the bristles and the handle. 4. Rinse the brush thoroughly and sanitize it with sanitizer. 5. Leave it in a clean and dry place to dry. Country of Origin : Germany