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Our new SILPAT® Macaroons liner has been specifically designed to assist you in creating macaroon perfection! The evenly spaced circles will help ensure that your macaroons are consistent and evenly sized. And thanks to the nonstick properties of SILPAT® you do not have to worry about damaging them when demolding!


This mat has been designed to be as multi-functional as possible and can be used as a complete solution to your baking mat needs. Use it to create just about anything your heart desires. _x000D_ _x000D_ - The Silpat Macoroon Baking Mat help you easily make perfect and consistent macarons each time. _x000D_ - 20 evenly spaced indents for macaroon circles for making easy hoopie pies, moon pies. _x000D_ - No grease, butter, parchment paper needed. _x000D_ - Oven, microwave and freezer safe. _x000D_ - Reusable, durable and easy to clean.

Country of Origin: Singapore