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Panettone mould is made from non-stick, greaseproof, approved for direct food contact. The printing inks used can wiithstand high temperatures and spraying with preservatives. Moulds for panettone are self-supporting and do not require metal tins for baking.


Food Packaging Paper molds / Paper Cups intended for direct and indirect contact with food, supplied to you for the packing of BAKED FOOD PRODUCTS, Dry, fatty and aqueous foodstuffs Paper and paperboard produced in accordance with BfR Recommendations must not be used at temperatures greater than 220 °C; for the use in microwave ovens a temperature of 150 °C must not be exceeded. Kindly note that the paper is not a static materials and it’s affected by many different factors during baking time (as aqueous components, Fats, sugars, baking oven, time,.. ) Customer can safely use our products up to 220°C and also at lower temperatures, according to the recipe. - Maximum processing temperature: 220°C in traditional oven - Minimum processing temperature: - 18°C - Store the boxes in cool and dry place (relative humidity: 40 and 55%, temperature: 20-25°C)

Country of Origin: Italy