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MACADO is a practical, resistant and functional plastic box for macarons. Available in 2 sizes: for 6 or for 12 macarons. It is composed by a transparent cover, and a tray available in 8 design colours. The cover can be closed hermetically with a stable joint. In this way macarons are protected from humidity. Furthermore, thanks to its transparency, the products inside are clearly visible. The bottom of MACADO is endowed with a structure that separate every single macaron so that they do not get damaged when displayed or carried. The box has been designed according to a modular size that allow to display exactly 10 MACADO for 12 macarons and 20 MACADO for 6 macarons on 60x40cm professional trays. Size: 185 x 100 h 53 mm, Macaron size: Ø 50 mm


Silikomart supports the pioneers of this art. We transform the creative genius of some of the greatest pastry chefs of our time into extraordinary and revolutionary works of art. Italian design and production: a unique combination and a guarantee of quality and excellence throughout the world.

Country of Origin: Italy