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Our Redman Instant Custard Powder is suitable for freezing and from Germany. It has been mixed with thickeners, milk powder and other flavourings. When heated with milk and sugar, the custard powder turns into a rich and sweet vanilla sauce. A quick solution to get the custard sauce you need for your dish preparation!


Our Redman Instant Custard Powder is yellow in colour and is the solution to making custards quickly and easily. Once made, it can be frozen and the custard will not separate upon thawing. Custard is also a delicious ingredient to add to winter puddings. It contains a good amount of protein and calcium, with milk as one of its main ingredients. This product is halal-certified. It should be stored in a cool and dry place.
How to Use
While Instant Custard Powder can be substituted with a mix of egg, sugar and egg yolk powder, our powder allows for custard to be made without any hassle. It goes very well with baked goods like puddings and cakes, and should be whisked evenly into your mix.
Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Custard Pudding, English Trifle, Custard Tart and Custard Cake.

Country of Origin: Italy