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Pumpkin seeds can be used as a topping on your salad. It can also be infused into your bread to create a full-grain bread.


Our Pumpkin Seeds are packed in Singapore and halal-certified. Pumpkin seeds are rich in a wide variety of minerals and nutrients, as well as fiber. It is also full of antioxidants and is believed to be beneficial against fighting diseases and reducing inflammation. Pumpkin seeds can reduce blood sugar, making it a suitable ingredient for diabetic patients. They can be rinsed and roasted, eaten plain or with other flavours such as oils and spices, to create a crunchy and delicious snack. It is truly a highly versatile ingredient that can easily be incorporated into your diet.

How to use
Pumpkin seeds are suitable for fruit and potato salads, Greek yogurt, multi-grain bread recipes, and also for toppings on dips and meat dishes. They can also be used to make chocolate chunk-pumpkin seed cookies, sweet and spicy mixed nuts and granola bars.

Suggested Recipes
A good alternative for this product is sunflower seeds.

Pumpkin Seeds