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Our Redman Bread Crumbs are a product of Singapore. It has a light, airy, and delicate texture that makes the dish crispy as it cooks. It is very fine, resulting in an amazing crunch when coated over your dish.

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The texture of these bread crumbsmake it especially wonderful for fried foods as it keeps the food more crisp and crunchy. When eaten on its own, bread crumbs have little to no flavour. It is often used to add that crispy coating to your final product. Store in a cool and dark environment.
How to Use
This product can be used as a topping on vegetable dishes, scrambled eggs and even desserts. They also work well as meat coatings for deep frying, and should be coated evenly onto your product.
Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Scrambled Eggs with Bread Crumbs, Baked Three-Cheese Macaroni, Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Oven-Fried Fish and Chips and Apple Crumble.
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Alternatives include potato chips, crackers and cornflakes.

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