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Arborio Rice is the best choice for making a classic risotto. The high starch content in this variety of rice creates a wonderfully creamy texture.

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Arborio rice was first grown in the town of Arborio, located in the Piedmont region of Northwest Italy. Its creamy outer texture and mildly chewy center make Arborio rice the popular choice when making the traditional Italian rice dish, Risotto. This short-grain rice can absorb and retain even more liquid than Spanish rice, and it does not become gummy or lose its shape over a long cooking period. At Bob's Red Mill we select only the best, short and plump grains for our Arborio rice.

Arborio rice makes a fantastic base for salads, and is a natural companion to vegetables, fish, meats, and other proteins. With it's high starch content and softly rounded grains, it also works wonderfully for creamy rice pudding. For a delicious breakfast, add some berries to a bowl of cooked Arborio rice and top with milk and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.

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