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Our Redman Colouring Powder is made in India and is perfect for recipes that require colouring but not the additional liquid. This product is available in a wide selection of colours and this colour comes in sizes of 50g and 400g.

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Our Redman Colouring Powder is formed from permitted colours. Sometimes known as powdered dye, it is known for its strength and versatility. It enhances the appearance of a dish and can be mixed together easily to create different layers of colours. This product is available in the following colours - Violet, Cherry Red, Chocolate Brown, Egg Yellow, Green Apple, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Orange Red, Rose Pink, Sky Blue and Strawberry Red. Store in a dark and cool environment.
How To UseAdd this colouring powder according to your recipe. Suitable for icing creams, drinks, breads, biscuit, cakes, puddings and breads.
Suggested RecipesRecipe suggestions include Rainbow Cake, Rainbow Cookie and Rainbow Pancake.
AlternativesAlternatives include colour paste and liquid colour.

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