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Our Redman Gum Paste is used to sculpt and model flowers, 3D figures and other intricate items. This product is made in Singapore and available in 1kg and 500g sizes.

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Gum paste is an edible sugar dough that is pliable, dries quickly and hardens completely when the desired shape is formed. It has a porcelain-like finish when hardened.
How To Use
This product can be used to sculpt and mould any decorative piece like flowers, 3D figures or bows. These are seldom eaten as they are very hard when they are dry. As they dry quickly, cover with a damp cloth when not working with it to keep it pliable.
Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Sugar Flowers, Decorative Wordings and Sugar Figurines.
Fondant is an alternative.
Recipe Suitability

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