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Our Pizza Tipo 00 Flour is a product of Italy and is a very finely ground product. Also known as Manitoba flour, our pizza tipo 00 flour is a soft flour that is rich in protein, low in gluten and soft to the touch. This is considered the gold standard for your Italian delicacies, and you will be able to taste and see the difference when you use it for your thin-crust pizzas or handmade pastas. It is packed in a ISO22000 certified facility.

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Tipo 00, named after the finely ground flour used to make pizza and pasta, is an indication as to how further refined this flour is in comparison to regular plain flour. Tipo 00 flour is considered the most highly refined flour and is very soft to the touch. Our pizza tipo 00 flour is high in protein and gluten, allowing for an elasticity in both the dough and final product. With its raw-form texture, it hydrates very easily and often requires more water mixed in the dough than usual. For storage, this should be kept in a dry and cool place.

How to use

This flour should be mixed into your dough as instructed in your recipe. Due to the very soft texture of the dough, olive oil is sometimes used during preparation to prevent the dough from sticking.

Suggested Recipes

Some of the most common and popular food items that can be made with this product include your cinnamon bread, all-time favourite Hawaiian pizza and even multi-grain wholemeal bread.


Alternatives include plain flour and semolina flour.

Suitable For

This product is suitable for vegan recipes.

Customer Reviews

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Best pizzas ever

This flourmakes the beat dough for pizza