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Our Self-Raising Flour is made in Singapore and is halal-certified. It contains leavening agents that are good for baked cakes and cookies, as well as batter for frying meat or fish. Our Redman Flour is a superior quality flour milled in a ISO 9002 certified flourmill. This product is available in 1kg and 25kg packs.

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Self-raising flour is a unique ingredient that is specifically called as a replacement for plain flour in selected recipes. Self-raising flour is made with soft wheat, which has less protein than the hard wheat used to make plain flour. Due to the difference in protein, baked goods using self-raising flour are usually more tender. If self-raising flour is required in a recipe, the resulting cake or bread is always a perfectly and consistently risen product. Self-raising flour has a leavening agent already mixed into it, eliminating the need to add another ingredients to the recipe. For this reason, many bakers opt for self-raising flour since a single dry ingredient saves preparation and clean-up time. This product should be stored in a dry and cool place.

How to use

Self-raising flour is usually only used in recipes that call for it. Do not use this flour if the recipe lists another leavening agent like baking soda or yeast. It should be mixed in according to the proportions listed in your recipe.

Suggested Recipes

This flour is suitable for use in delicious recipes like pancakes, lemon syrup bread, fluffy chocolate biscuits, cornbread and quick bread.


Good alternatives to self-raising flour include plain flour, whole wheat flour and rice flour.

Suitable For

Suitable for vegan recipes.

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