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Our Redman Dried Osmanthus Flower is a delicate flower that smells fragrantly sweet and is yellow in colour. This product is available in packets of 10g and 250g.

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Our Redman Dried Osmanthus Flower is rich in antioxidants and has other health properties, such as helping in detoxification and promoting weight loss. It is fragrant in nature and can be used for baking or cooking. It is commonly used to enhance the appearance and flavour of your dishes or desserts. Store in a dark and cool environment.
How to Use
For an Osmanthus Flower fragrance, add this product into your recipe as instructed. It can be used in jellies, soups, wines, cakes and jams.
Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Osmanthus Cake, Osmanthus Jelly and Osmanthus Jam.
Suggested Recipes
Alternatives include Dried Lavender, Dried Chamomile and Dried Pink Rose Flowers.

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