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Our Redman Cooking Cream Alternative is made in Singapore. It is creamy and perfect for enhancing the texture of soups and dishes, making it more creamy and full-bodied as a whole.

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Our Redman Cooking Cream Alternative is convenient to use and adds a smooth texture, coupled with a creamy taste. It also thickens the overall texture of your product. it is important to use a cream that has been designed for cooking and baking for better stability at high heat so that it will not curdle or break. This product is Halal-certified. Store in a dark and cool environment.
How To Use
You can add this product into your recipe for an extra creamy and milky taste. It is commonly used for pastas, sauces and soups.
Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Cream Sauce, Pasta Cream and Cream of Mushroom Soup.
Milk and butter can be used as a substitute.
Recipe Suitability
Suitable for keto and paleo recipes.

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