About Redman rewards

1.     What is RedMan Rewards?

RedMan Rewards is a loyalty programme that rewards you when you spend a minimum of $20 at all Phoon Huat shops, RedMan by Phoon Huat shops, RedManShop.com and when you sign up for our baking classes. With the points earned, RedMan Rewards members can use the points to redeem for e-vouchers. 


2.     How many points do I earn when I spend?

You will start to earn points with a minimum purchase of $20.

For purchases of $20 - $49.99, $1 = 2 points.

For purchases $50 and more, $1 = 3 points.

For baking classes, it will be a constant $1 = 2 points. This means if you sign up for a class that is worth about $50, you will still be receiving $1 = 2 points.


RedMan Rewards Account

1.     How do I become a RedMan Rewards member?

You can sign up via the:

a.       RedManShop.com website, www.redmanshop.com; or

b.      RedManShop.com App (Available in App Store™ and Google Play) using an email address, or via Facebook or Google account.

Please use an account that you will remember as points are non-transferable.

Upon successful registration, a verification email will be sent to your email. Your account will be activated once you have verified your email. Verification of email is required to start earning points for your purchases.


2.       Each time I log in, can I switch my login method?  

Once you have activated an account (via email, Facebook or Google) you can only log in via the same method that was used to create an account.

e.g. If you created an account via Facebook, you can only log in via Facebook. If you created an account via email, you may only use email to log in.


3.     I have neither an email address nor Facebook account nor Google account, how can I sign up?

You will need to create an email address.


4.     Is there a membership fee?

No, RedMan Rewards membership is free.


 5.     How long is my membership valid?

RedMan Rewards offers a lifetime membership. However, membership is subject to termination or suspension should there be any suspicious or fraudulent activities found in the account.


6.     Is the membership transferrable?

Each RedMan Rewards membership account is unique to every email address and is non-transferrable.


7.     Can I go to your stores to ask for assistance to sign up as RedMan Rewards members?

Yes, we will be running a RedMan Rewards roadshow till the end of April 2020. After the roadshow, you may find an information pamphlet in Phoon Huat and RedMan by Phoon Huat shops.   


8.     Is the RedManShop.com account the same as the RedMan Rewards membership account?

Yes! They are the same. RedMan Reward points and benefits is accessed through your RedManShop.com account.


Account Troubleshooting

1.     I encountered an error message “Email/Mobile/Password is invalid” when I try to log in. How do I proceed?

You can first try to reset your password based on the email address. If it is still not successful, please contact our Customer Service hotline 6654 4333 or email customerservice@redmanshop.com for assistance.  Mon to Fri, 8am to 6pm.


2.       During sign up, I encountered error message “Mobile phone is duplicated, please use another one”, what should I do?

You may already be an existing RedManShop.com member and had signed up using your Google/Facebook account.  In this case, you can try to log in using either your Google or Facebook account. If you continue to face the same problem, please contact our Customer Service hotline at 6654 4333 or email customerservice@redmanshop.com for assistance.


3.       I created an account with one of my Facebook accounts but when I try to log-in, RedManShop.com tries to log in with the other Facebook account that I have.  How do I sign in with the correct Facebook account?

You may have multiple Facebook accounts. To log in to RedManShop.com with the correct Facebook account, log out of the current Facebook account on your desktop browser, and log into the Facebook account used for RedManShop.com.

Once that is done, try to log in again via Facebook on RedManShop.com.


4.     How can I update my mobile number and email address?

Please go to your Dashboard and click on “edit” to update your phone number.

Email addresses cannot be changed once it has been registered for an account.

Please note that if you choose to create a new account with another email address, the points in your previous account will not be credited into your new account.


5. During sign up, I encountered an error message “Email already exists”, what should I do?

Try to log in using your email address. If you’re still unable to log in, please reset your password. Should the error message persist, please contact our Customer Service hotline at 6654 4333 or email customerservice@redmanshop.com for assistance.  Mon to Fri, 8am to 6pm.


1.     How do I know that I am issued with points when I purchased online or at the shops?

Points are found in Loyalty History via Dashboard using the website or app.

Due to our 7-day exchange policy:

a) Points for purchases made at our Phoon Huat or RedMan by Phoon Huat shops will only be credited into your account on the 8th day from the date of purchase. Day 1 starts on day of purchase.

b) For purchases made on RedManShop.com, points will only be credited into your account on the 8th day after delivery.  


2.     Do I need to have a minimum purchase to get points?

A minimum purchase of nett $20 is required to be entitled for points whether purchased at Phoon Huat/ RedMan by Phoon Huat shops or on RedManShop.com or when you sign up for our baking classes.


3.     How and where do I see how many points I have? How can I track my points?

Points can be tracked via the RedManShop.com app or website, www.RedManShop.com.

On Website: Go to Dashboard and check under Loyalty History.

On App: Check under “Points & Rewards” section.


4.     Why do I not see my points reflected in the system when I have just purchased more than $20?

For purchases made in our retail shops, points will only be credited into your account after 7 days due to our 7-day exchange policy.

For purchases made on RedManShop.com, points will only be credited into your account 7 days after the items has been delivered.

For baking classes, points will be credited upon payment of the class.

5.     For purchases made at the shops, can I see my accumulated points on the receipt?

No, points from the latest transaction will not show on the receipt. Only your current point balance can be seen on the receipt due to the 7-day exchange policy.


6.     Is there an expiry date to my points?

RedMan Rewards points are valid for twelve months and will expire on the last day of the twelfth's month. For illustration, if your RedMan Rewards points were awarded on 7 January 2018, they will expire on 31 January 2019 (and not 6 January 2019).


7.     Can I see points expiring on my app/web/receipt?

Currently, this function is not available. We will continue to work to improve the user experience for all our customers.  


8.     I forgot to give the cashier my membership details, can I still receive points after purchase has been completed?

To ensure that your purchases are duly recorded, please verify yourself as a RedMan Rewards member by providing your phone number at the cashier.

Points cannot be credited to your account once the transaction is completed.


9.     Which are the participating shops in this loyalty program?

RedManShop.com and all Phoon Huat and RedMan by Phoon Huat shops are participating in RedMan Rewards. You can also earn points when you sign up for our baking classes.


10.  Why do I earn lesser points when I use vouchers to pay?

Points are not issued for the portion paid by e-vouchers / physical vouchers. You can only start earning points if the balance amount is a minimum of nett $20.

11.   How many points do I earn once I purchase a baking class?

A minimum value of nett $20 is needed to start earning points. After which, every $1 spent will earn you 2 RedMan Reward Points.

e.g. $125 = 250 RedMan Reward Points


Redemption of Points & e-Vouchers

1.     What can I do with my points?

You can use your points to redeem for RedMan e-vouchers.


2.     Can I transfer my points to another account?

No, RedMan Rewards points are non-transferrable.


3.     How can I convert my points to e-vouchers?

Login to your RedManShop.com account either via website, www.RedManShop.com, or app.

On Website: Select on the “Points & Rewards” tab to view available rewards for redemption

On App: Select “Points and Rewards”, then select the “Rewards” tab to convert your points


4.      What are the denominations of the e-vouchers?

The denominations are $5, $10 & $50.


5.     Is there an expiry date to the e-vouchers?

All RedMan e-vouchers are valid for 180 days from the date of issuance.


6.     Why do I not see the RedMan e-vouchers that I have redeemed on my RedManShop.com account?

The RedMan e-vouchers will reflect in your RedManShop.com account within 5 mins after converting your points to RedMan e-vouchers.


7.     Why is my e-voucher barcode not recognized at the cashier?

This could be due to the following reason:

1) There was an internet disruption in the shops.

2)  The voucher does not belong to your account. Each of our vouchers is uniquely tagged to your account.


8.     Is there a minimum purchase in order to use the RedMan e-vouchers?

No minimum purchase is required at our physical stores. For online purchases, please note that there must be a balance of at least $0.01 at point of checkout.


9.     Can multiple RedMan e-vouchers are used in a single purchase?

Yes, you can use multiple RedMan e-vouchers. If making purchases at our shops, you can also use your physical vouchers together with the e-vouchers to make payment.


10.  Can I use the RedMan e-vouchers to book a baking class?

No, RedMan e-vouchers cannot be used on our baking classes.

Exchange of Products

1.     Points for exchanged goods

Exchanges are only allowed for either the same value or higher value items.

If the top up balance is less than $20, you will receive 1 point for every dollar. If the top up balance is $20 or more, you will receive 2 points for every dollar.