Chef Patrick Pang

Chef Patrick is a veteran in the area of cakes, bread and pastries. He was a pasty chef in the hotel industry for over 15 years with RedMan, he is the leading demonstration and training instructor for South East Asia. Chef Patrick has been with Phoon Huat for over 20 years and continues to impart his wealth of knowledge and love for  the trade to his students at RedMan Baking Studios. 


Chef Jazreel Tan

Jazreel has over 8 years of experience working in French fine dining establishments and Japanese pastry shops and bakery. Trained in French Pastry at Ferrandi Paris culinary institute, she hopes to impart her knowledge and spread the passion for pastries.

WMI Mong 

She has been teaching cake decoration and conducting culinary classes for the past 10 years in various establishment like Phoon Huat, Miele and community centres. Some of her featured works include a cake commissioned by St Vincent De Paul's church for its 120th anniversary, which appeared on the front page of the Straits Times. She has also been feature in Channel 8 "处处有艺术". Chef Mong discovered her passion in cakes and pastries while living in Hong Kong. She advanced her passion and skills by attending the Wilton Masters Course in United States and became a Wilton Method Instructor achieving the milestone of having taught 250 students. She also under went more technical training in UK with Squires Kitchen, PME and Le Cordon Bleu. Being very much a foodie and a mother to a voracious family of five, Chef Mong continuously strives to hone her culinary skills, most of which to placate the taste buds of her discerning daughters and fastidious husband.

    WMI Chermaine Wong 

Art and craft fascinates me and I have a special weakness for sweet confections. I dabbled with baking and cake decoration in between my day job but it was not until my niece asked me to bake her birthday cake that I realised where my passion lies. Was it satisfying and fun to bake and decorate a cake for someone you care about? Yes. And was it horrifying to watch a creation you spend hours lavishing upon being demolished by a mob? Yes. But it was so gratifying I swore I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I realised then that my passion was just this and this led me to self improvement courses such as Planet Cakes in Sydney, Australia in 2011, Squires Kitchen in 2013 and I am proud to be a certified Wilton Method Instructor as well as a PME instructor.



    WMI Sandy Goh

An avid baker since young, Sandy has never failed to fulfil her own cravings for cakes and pastries ever since. Throughout the years, she has attended various courses and workshops both locally and abroad to develop new styles and ideas to her baking and cake decorating passion. Her creations are widely loved by her family members, friends and many more.

Sandy was trained as a Wilton Method Instructor since 2007. She teaches Wilton Courses at various authorized centers and conducts baking and cake decorating workshops as well.