220621 Orange Pound Cake + Whole-wheat Cookies

220621 Orange Pound Cake + Whole-wheat Cookies

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Difficulty : Beginner
Type of Class : Online Hands-On
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21/06/2022, 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM

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The orange pound cake is made up of candied oranges made from scratch and a moist buttery sponge. Make your own whole-wheat cookies at home!

At RedMan Baking Studio's, our Chefs are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to delight our Baking Studio customers. All recipes are developed in house and come from the many years of experience that our In House Chefs have under their belts. You'll often find that our recipes are unparalleled in their uniqueness and incorporate flavours and techniques from many different cultures. Each class is conducted with passion and our Chefs take the time to make sure everyone learns and brings home a delicious creation! 


  • Prepare candied oranges

  • Prepare the pound cake batter

  • Bake the pound cake

  • Prepare and bake the cookies


Duration: 3.5 hours

Type: Online Live Hands-on

Level: Beginner

Language: This class is conducted in English only. 


Please ensure that you have a strong enough internet connection to ensure that class goes smoothly and finished on time for everyone. We will not be able to hold up class if your internet is not working. 


Please ensure to get acquainted with the Zoom application before class as we will not be able to troubleshoot. 

What to Expect?

For online hands-on, you will bake together with the Chef from the comfort of your own home and kitchen via Zoom.

You will need to follow and apply the instructions from the chef on the spot to make sure you achieve the best results of the recipe. 

Feel free to ask for some tips and advice on the spot and learn from the Chef to level up your next baking experience.

The class is done online via Zoom, you will receive the class details through an email before 5pm, 3 days before your class.

A copy of the recipe, zoom link and complete class details will be included in the email.

If you did not receive the email we sent, we encourage you to check your spam or junk mail folder, otherwise please contact our customer service through the link https://www.redmanshop.com/contact-us.


You are required to purchase the ingredients based on the recipe provided to you in advance.

Tools and Equipment: 

Please ensure that you have the standard equipment mentioned below before joining the class, in case you are missing some of the items, you can use the suggested alternative equipment as an option.  

You can head down to RedMan by Phoon Huat and Phoon Huat shops or visit RedManShop.com to make a purchase of the items that you need. 

SN Standard Equipment & Tools Required Quantity Alternative Equipments & Tools  Quantity
1 Convection Oven  1 Oven   
2 Pound cake mold (6.5”x3”x3”) 1 Pound cake mold (8”x4”x2”) 1
3 Disposable Piping Bag (Large) 2 Reusable Piping Bag 1
4 Small Star Piping Tip 1 Small Open Star Piping Tip 1
5 Stand mixer 1 Hand mixer  
6 Weighing Scale 1    
7 Small Kitchen Knife 1 Large Kitchen Knife 1
8 Small bowl 1 Medium bowl 1
9 Whisk 1    
10 Spatula 1    
11 Baking paper 3    
12 Rolling pin 1 Glass bottle 1
13 Round cookie cutter 1 Knife 1

Children Policy: Children aged 9 - 11 years old can enrol for class but must be accompanied by a paid adult.

Adolescent Policy: Adolescents 12 - 17 years old can enrol for class without an accompanied adult. If an adult wishes to accompany the adolescent, the adult must enrol as well.


Only paid and registered participants may join the class.

The class starts on time. If the class has already started for 20 mins or more, latecomers will not be admitted to the class. No refunds will be given.

General social etiquette and decorum during class are expected from each participant.

Are Bookings Refundable?

All confirmed bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Transfers to another class are not available for online classes. 

No refunds or transfers will be given for unattended classes.

Click on this link to contact customer service: https://www.redmanshop.com/contact-us

Class Cancellations

In the event that class is cancelled, an email will be sent to inform you of the cancellation. A full refund will be given.