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Our Redman White Chocolate Chips are made in Singapore and have a deliciously rich milky taste. This product is available in packets of 100g, 250g and 7kg.

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Our Redman White Chocolate Chips have an ivory colour and add a sweet, creamy and rich taste to any product. These white chocolate chips are suitable for baking as they hold their shape even in high heat. This product is halal-certified. Refrigerate or keep in a dark and cool place.
How to Use
These are typically added to baking recipes, or even melted and used as toppings, dips or coatings. As they do not change shape on the outside even when they are melted on the inside, special attention is required when melting these chips so that they do not burn.
Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include White Chocolate Cookies, White Chocolate Cake, and White Chocolate Coating for Cake Pops.
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Alternatives include Redman Bakeable Cocoa Chips, Redman White Couverture Chocolate Drops or White Chocolate Compound Drops.

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