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Our Bakeway Cocoa Décor Powder is made in Malaysia and is the less bitter version of regular cocoa powder so it can be used to decorate your product without altering its taste too much. This product is available in packets of 250g and 1kg.

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Our Bakeway Bakeway Cocoa Décor Powder is an alkalised version of natural cocoa powder. As such, its taste is less bitter and more neutral. Store in a dark and cool environment.
How To UseSimply add this into your recipe as instructed. This should be used in place of natural cocoa powder where the recipe calls for an alkalised version of cocoa powder.
Suggested RecipesRecipe suggestions include Fudge Brownies, Triple Chocolate Layer Cake and Dark Chocolate Pancakes.
AlternativesAlternatives include Chocolate Powder and Cocoa Powder.

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