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Our Bakeway Dark Chocolate Compound is made in Italy and with reduced fat cocoa powder. Besides giving your final product a strong, intense dark chocolate flavour, it is used in low calorie applications. This product is available in packets of 250g, 1kg and 7kg.

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Our Bakeway Dark Chocolate Compound is made from fat-reduced cocoa powder and is perfect for low calorie applications. Store in a dark and cool environment.
How To UseDark chocolate compound is versatile in its usage and can be used for desserts or as toppings. Besides low calorie products, it is commonly used for items that require aeration like meringues and macrons. It can also be simply melted and used. However, ensure that the temperature used to melt the chocolate is not too high or it will become lumpy.
Suggested RecipesRecipe suggestions include Dark Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Caramel Slice and Dark Chocolate Bark.
AlternativesAlternatives include Bakeway Dark Chocolate chips, Duo Chocolate Chips and Bakeway White Chocolate Drops.

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