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Brighten your day with our single-serving Organic Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Cup! This delicious blend of whole grain rolled and stone-ground oats, nutritious seeds, nuts and fruits tastes like cranberry orange cookies in a cup.

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Our Organic Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Cup is made from a tasty blend of gluten free Quick Cooking Rolled Oats, Old Fashioned Rolled Oats and creamy, stone-ground Scottish Oatmeal, topped with cranberries, almonds, flaxseeds, chia seeds and oranges. Packed with fiber, protein and iron, this hearty cup is quick and convenient: just add hot water or pop it in the microwave, wait three minutes, and breakfast is ready! Bonus Oatmeal Recipe: For indulgent overnight oats, add your favorite milk or yogurt and let chill overnight. Before you dig in, add orange zest and crumbled oatmeal cookies for an extra-special touch. Certified organic Gluten free (R5 ELISA tested) Whole grain oats Omega 3s from flax and chia seeds High fiber 8g protein per cup Microwavable Ready in 3 minutes

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