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Our Redman Cinnamon Bread Mix is made in Singapore and is easy to use to whip up a batch of cinnamon bread or rolls in the mornings.

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Our Cinnamon Roll Bread Mix is easy to use to make cinnamon bread with ease and convenience. Cinnamon Is loaded with antioxidants and also contains anti-inflammatory properties. It also has a sweet and woody flavour by nature. Additionally, it also carries a slight citrusy note that is unique to cinnamon. Tasty and aromatic, the cinnamon taste is very pronounced. Store in a dark and cool environment.

How To Use

Use the directions on the packet to make this cinnamon bread. This can also be used as a base for more complex recipes.

Suggested Recipes

Recipe suggestions include Cinnamon Roll and Cinnamon Sugar Bread.


Alternatives include Oatmeal Bread Mix, Cornmeal Bread Mix and Dark Rye Bread Mix.

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