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Our Redman Citric Acid is commonly and naturally found in citrus fruits, usually in lemons and limes. A white powder, it is a very convenient product to use for baking and cooking to enhance the taste, texture and appearance in desserts. This product is available in sizes of 25g and 500g.

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Our Redman Citric Acid gives a tart and sour taste when added to your product as it is made from citrate salt. Citric acid is also believed to help enhance nutrient absorption. An easy to use product for that added punch to your recipe! This product is halal-certified. Store in a dark and cool environment.
How To UseCitric acid can be added easily into recipes to enhance taste and appearance by mixing into the recipe as instructed.
Suggested RecipesRecipe suggestions include Orange Pound Cake, Russian Pancakes and Sour Patch Cupcake.
AlternativesAlternatives include lemon syrup, white vinegar and vinegar.

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