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Our Redman Black Bamboo Charcoal Powder is a product of Taiwan, and has been burnt and processed to form charcoal. It has a variety of health benefits such as improving one's oral health. At the same time, it enhances and adds to the aesthetic look of your pastry. This product is available in sizes of 40g and 250g.

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Our Redman Black Bamboo Charcoal Powder is black in colour and generally tasteless on its own. This product is believed to help with kidney health and intestinal gas. It also helps to enhance the texture of your final product, and adds a dark blackish colour to your pastry. Store in a cool and dark environment.
How To UseThis product should be mixed into your recipe as instructed.
Suggested RecipesRecipe suggestions include Sourdough Charcoal Bread, Bamboo Charcoal Cake, Charcoal Lemonade and Bamboo Charcoal Hurricane Swiss Roll.
AlternativesAlternatives include chocolate powder, strawberry powder and passionfruit powder.

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