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This is a ready-to-use glaze that can be applied to cakes and pastries for that delicious shine. This product is available in 300g, 1kg and 7kg sizes).

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Our Redman Mirror Gel is neutrally flavoured with a hint of apple and is made in The Philippines. It is a clear gel that is used to create a clear coat on cakes on its own or can be used together with other ingredients. It contains glucose, water, apple puree and pectin, amongst other ingredients. Store in a cool, dry place.
How to Use
It can be brushed or applied onto pastries as a glaze either on its own, or added with other ingredients like couverture chocolate, to form a more complex glaze.
Suggested Recipes
Recipe suggestions include Galaxy Mirror Glazed Caked and Fruit Tarts.
Suggested Recipes
Blueberry Mirror Gel.

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